Regional Meeting: Sector 6 HM Area

The Senior Citizen Care Charitable Trust organized a group A meeting for the Hiran Magari Upgariya region on Tuesday, 28th March 2023, at Sector 4.

During the meeting, Chairman Dr. Anurag announced that regular phone calls will be made to elderly individuals living alone to inquire about their well-being and provide necessary assistance whenever required.

Esteemed senior citizens, including Om Prakash Joshi, Savita Joshi, Suresh Chandra Vyasa, Sunitha Vyasa, Dal Chand Singhvi, Pushpa Singhvi, Mahaveer Prasad Jain, Heeralal Choudhary, and others actively participated in the meeting.

The gathering served as a platform for senior citizens to connect, discuss important issues, and extend support to each other. The trust reaffirmed its commitment to ensuring the welfare and happiness of senior citizens by providing essential care and assistance.

In addition to regular phone calls, the trust aims to organize various programs and events catering to the needs and interests of the elderly, fostering a strong sense of community and companionship.

The meeting concluded on a positive note, with everyone expressing their gratitude for the support and services provided by the Senior Citizen Care Charitable Trust. The trust remains dedicated to enriching the lives of senior citizens and cherishing the valuable contributions they have made to society over the years.

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