Family Connect Meet – Kalka Mata Area

As a part of the Family Connect program by Senior Citizen Care Charitable Trust, a meeting was held in Kalka Mata area on Saturday, 15th July 2023, in Ashirwad Nagar. During the meeting, elderly members of the community discussed the importance of mutual support and creating an environment that enhances the quality of life for seniors.

Dr. Anurag, the Chairman of the trust, highlighted that the feelings of insecurity, loneliness, and unstable health in old age are the major concerns for senior citizens.

The event started with a warm welcome extended to the attendees by Bhagwati Indravat and Anita.

Various members actively participated in the meeting, including V.K. Dharmavat, Indira, D.S. Bafna, Suresh Bhadviya, Ranjana, M.R. Warupal, Ashok Sharma, and many others, who shared their valuable thoughts.

The vote of thanks was presented by Bhagwati Dhuppad and Kanta, expressing gratitude for everyone’s active participation.

The Family Connect program aims to strengthen the bond among families and enhance the overall well-being of senior citizens through support and understanding. The Senior Citizen Care Charitable Trust continues its commitment to organizing such meaningful gatherings for the elderly community.

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