Chairman – Dr. Anurag Dube

SCCCT Dr Anurag Dube

Dr Anurag Dube

About Him

Qualification –  M.Sc., MBA, NDDY

Profession: The Chairman and Founder of SCCCT Trust. Has Worked at Sun Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd for over a decade in the initial years of his professional life.

His words –“I have witnessed firsthand the myriad challenges, frustrations, and hardships that people face in their old age, and it has deeply inspired me to make a meaningful difference in their lives. The creation of SCCCT (Senior Citizen Care and Community Trust) is not only the realization of my lifelong dream but also the culmination of my life’s purpose. I am honoured to have discovered my calling—to contribute to the betterment of this deserving section of society and to enhance their quality of life.”

Hobbies: He finds solace and passion in crafting captivating short stories and thought-provoking quotes. (Read his quotes at:

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