Meeting with Deputy Mayor

Representatives from the Senior Citizen Care Charitable Trust had a productive meeting with Deputy Mayor Paras Singhvi to discuss the involvement of senior citizens in the city’s development.

During the meeting, the Deputy Mayor acknowledged the vital role that senior citizens play as guiding pillars of society, possessing an immense wealth of knowledge and experience. He expressed gratitude for the opportunity to benefit from their wisdom and insights.

The Deputy Mayor highlighted that while the physical body may age, a person can remain forever young at heart and mentally agile.

The Chairman, Dr. Anurag, shared that senior citizens also discussed various challenges they face in their daily lives during the meeting. The discussion involved active participation from women as well.

Through such meetings and interactions, the Senior Citizen Care Charitable Trust aims to promote the active engagement of senior citizens in community development. The trust values the invaluable contributions of seniors and seeks to create a society where their voices and experiences are heard and respected.

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