Regional Meeting: Bhopalpura Area

The Senior Citizen Care Charitable Trust convened a meeting for senior citizens on Friday, 21st April 2023, at New Bhopalpura.

During the meeting, Chairman Dr. Anurag highlighted various issues and concerns relevant to senior citizens, and a discussion was held to address them effectively.

The special guest, Mr. Hanwant Singh Sodha (Bhopalpura Police Station In-charge), provided valuable insights on the safety and security of senior citizens. He emphasized the importance of promptly reporting any criminal activity or incident by dialing 100.

In the gathering, esteemed senior citizens, including Suresh Porwal, Vinod Dharmavat, Indira, Bhagwati Lal Dhuppad, Kanta, Suresh Chittauda, Ashok Sharma, Bhopal Singh Babel, Jeevan Prabha, Khemraj Pancholiya, Lehri Bai, Rameshwar Sukhwal, and others actively participated and shared their thoughts.

The meeting fostered an environment of open dialogue and community support, addressing the unique challenges faced by senior citizens. The Senior Citizen Care Charitable Trust expressed its commitment to continually work towards ensuring the well-being and happiness of the elderly in the community.

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