Health CheckUp Camp + Medical Seminar

The Health CheckUp Camp cum Medical Seminar was Conducted on the day of Aarambh Smarika Vimochan

The Venue was – Vigyaan Samiti Auditorium, Udaipur

The Core Team and the Volunteers were present along with the Chief Guest Panel and SCCCT Members.

The Health Checkup Camp started at 8am but the medical kits and equipments had already been setup at 7am.

The Following Medical tests were conducted for all the members:

  • EYE Checkup – By ASG Eye Hospital
  • Blood Sugar test
  • Lipid test – Thyrocare
  • Oxygen Saturation Test
  • Blood Pressure test – By Sayluss Medicare
  • Dental Checkup – By RR Dental Clinic

The Health Checkup Camp was followed by the Aarambh Smarika Vimochan Ceremony

The Panel of Chief Guests were

  • Mr. Paras Singhvi [Deputy Mayor, Udaipur]
  • Dr. Piyush Patnaik [Supratech laboratory]
  • Dr. Pankaj Gupta [Gastroenterologist, GMCH]
  • Mr. Hanumant Singh [Sayluss HealthCare]
  • Dr. Partani [GMCH]
  • Dr. RS Vyas [Founder-Director Techno India NJR Institute of Technology]

After the Chief panel’s addressal, The Medical seminar was conducted by the Panel of Doctors followed by a Q&A session where the members asked about their common health problems and got the explanations and solutions from the panelists.

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