STEP-1 Membership Registration

The registration is totally free and can be done online/offline depending on the Member’s comfort.

A brief intro of the Trust’s activities and services is given to the new members along with the Official Trust’s Magazine.

Only the registered members can avail the benefits and services from the Trust.

Click HERE to become a member.

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STEP-2 Membership-ID Card

Post successful Registration and Credential Verification, each member is issued a Membership cum ID Card [Free of cost] which makes her/him eligible to avail the services and Benefits entitled for the Trust’s members.


 The SCCCT team makes regular phone calls to each and every member of the trust in order to track their mental and physical health and take appropriate measures accordingly.

This ensures that the members feel connected and experience a sense of belonging.


Each member is added in the one of the Official Whatsapp Groups of the Trust where they can interact with each other, share and get information, and stay connected as a Family.

All the official announcements regarding the Trust’s upcoming activities are made via the Whatsapp group itself.


Various Medical seminars are conducted regularly which consist of Talks and discussions by renowned doctors of the city.

The seminars are followed by a Q&A session where the members can ask their problems and health related queries to the panel.


Regular Free Health Checkup Camps are organized at various prestigious hospitals of the city and sometimes even at a common place. The most common Checkup Camps are for :

  • Lipid Test
  • Blood Sugar
  • Eye test
  • REKI
  • Dental Checkup and minor treatment
  • Thyroid Test
  • Oxygen Saturation, etc…

The Hospital rates for many of these tests is very high, but in SCCCT’s Camps, these are conducted FREE of cost or at Minimal Charges.


Small Cozy Get Togethers are organized for Members from same locality, professional background, religious belief or similar Mindsets on regular basis to keep them energized and synced.

The venue is decided upon a common Poll – Inhouse or at some Garden or Public Place, etc…


For the members who are alone or require special attention, the SCCCT team pays visits to them on occasions like Birthdays, anniversaries, Festivals, etc. to keep them cheered up and fill them with positive vibes


To keep the members mentally and physically fit, one day picnics are organized regularly for them.

Generally, the picnics are conducted in the countryside or resorts.


SCCCT has signed MOU with leading Hospitals, clinics , medical stores and diagnosis centres across the city where the members can avail discounts on all kinds of medical procedures, services and products.

It is mandatory for the members to carry their SCCCT ID Cards along in order to be eligible for availing Discounts