We believe in making the BEST out of what’s LEFT

SCCCT aims at rejuvenating the lives of the elders in our society.

Our mission is to identify the cause of the atrocities in the lives of the Senior Citizens and try our level best to eliminate what’s troubling them.

For the people who are living alone, we try to bring them together, stay connected and energized.

The Trust conducts various activities, events, Outing Trips and gatherings where these people can blend in with the others of their kind and discover the actual essence of old age.

Senility is usually accompanied with illnesses and most of the times, the financial liabilities pose to be the greatest evil in the lives of the Senior Citizens.

We at SCCCT, understand this pain and hence try to ease this burden of theirs in all the practically possible ways we can.

SCCCT conducts free medical seminars and health check-up camps regularly wherein every member of the SCCCT Family can avail the services free of cost (or Nominal charges for exclusive diagnostic procedures)

The Trust has signed MOU with leading Hospitals, clinics , medical stores and diagnosis centres across the city where the members can avail discounts on all kinds of medical procedures, services and products.


The Legal Advisors’ Team at SCCCT is always there to assist the members in Legal matters and guide them through the Legal Procedures.

The Medical Counsellors’ Team at SCCCT comprises of the Finest doctors of the state and is in charge of planning the Medical Events and conducts Medical Counselling to the members in need.

A list of all the services provided by the SCCCT is available at –  WHAT WE DO

The SCCCT’s upcoming project “SCCCT Old Age Home” is under process.

With this project, the SCCCT plans to extend its services to cater the needs of those Senior citizens looking for a Safe and Peaceful place to spend the dusk of their lives in the Laps of nature.

The registrations for the Old Age Home have already started and the Infrastructure is expected to be complete in near future.

(Contact the Team for more details)

Those willing to contribute for this noble cause can find the details HERE.