There was a time when the concept of Joint Families was widely seen in every household.

 Grandparents and Grandchildren used to have that PERFECT bond which was mutually beneficial –

The Grandchildren got to know about the world from the eyes of an experienced soul.

Whereas the Grandparents used to find their companions in those little kids and would spend hours cuddling with the little ones and looking after them….

And Time passed by peacefully……


A Period came when the world started getting driven into the fangs of the concept of NUCLEAR FAMILIES. 

Privacy became the new Trend…!

The new couples found their old parents misfit in their hectic, so called, Modern Lifestyles.

The parents, who once devoted their days and hours nursing their sophisticated kids, now seemed a burden to those “New Generation” Children.

The parents, on the other side, started realizing the coldness and bitterness in their relationship with their Children.

The conversations started becoming rough, and so did the environment of once SWEET homes…..

But who was to be blamed..?

Both sides had their reasons backed by logics and strong grounds, but the other didn’t seem to care.


Loneliness and Depression slowly crept into the lives of the Senile Parents.

~ The Frustration of losing their Physical Strength….

~ The Regret mixed with Resentment due to the bitterness in their bonds with Children….

~ The deteriorating mentalphysical health due to negligence of extremely overburdened children….

~ The pain & anxiety as a result of loneliness….

In worst cases, the parents were forced to move away from the lives of the children……

They waited…and waited…and waited….But the kids never showed up !

Things started getting Worse as time passed by, finally ending into the most horrifying day in the life of any living being……..


We, at SCCCT, have a MISSION

We believe in making the BEST out of what’s LEFT.

SCCCT aims at rejuvenating the lives of the elders in our society.

“To understand what they have been through and what they desire of .. and try to make the stranded ends meet.”

We, at SCCCT, are a TEAM of like minded, enthusiastic, passionate minds, immensely dedicated to work for the cause.

The team members come from diversified backgrounds – Engineers, Doctors, Advocates, Researchers, Businessmen & Professors are to name a few, and each team member serves as one of the PILLARS of SCCCT.

The Senior Citizen Care Charitable Trust is registered by the State Government

Registration No.- 01/DEV/UDAY/2012